If you are troubled by cavities or minor tooth imperfections but do not want the appearance of traditional metal fillings, composite white fillings here at Audubon Dental may be your perfect solution. These innovative fillings offer both durability and a natural look, allowing you to smile, talk and eat with confidence.

What are Composite White Fillings?

Composite white fillings are made of a tooth-colored resin material that blends seamlessly with your natural teeth. This resin is strong and durable, designed to restore decayed or damaged teeth while keeping your smile looking natural and radiant. These fillings are an excellent choice for those who prioritize both function and aesthetics in their dental care.

The Filling Process

When you walk into our inviting dental office, we make sure you are treated like family. Our experienced dentist and team will start by selecting a resin shade that matches your natural tooth color. We then prepare the affected tooth, remove decay if necessary and apply the composite material. The resin is carefully sculpted to mimic the shape of the tooth and then cured with a specialized light to harden and set the filling.

Benefits of Composite White Fillings

Composite white fillings come with several advantages. They offer a natural appearance, blending seamlessly with your existing teeth, which makes them ideal for visible areas of your mouth. They’re also durable and long-lasting, capable of withstanding the normal pressures of daily chewing and eating. Additionally, composite fillings are less invasive than their amalgam counterparts, preserving more of your natural tooth.

Caring for Your Composite Fillings

Keeping your composite fillings in top shape is easy. Continue with your regular oral hygiene routine —brushing, flossing and regular dental checkups. Avoid chewing hard items like ice or hard candy, which can compromise the integrity of the composite material.

Transform your smile without compromising its natural beauty. Composite white fillings provide a practical and aesthetically pleasing option for various dental needs. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Safina LeClair to explore how composite white fillings in Spokane, Washington, can benefit you. Call us at 509-325-4227 today!