Digital X-rays are like dental detectives armed with advanced technology. They are a safe and efficient way to capture detailed images of your teeth, jaw and surrounding oral structures. These X-rays use low levels of radiation to create clear and precise pictures, helping Dr. Safina LeClair uncover potential dental issues and provide accurate diagnoses.

The Power of Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays are a game-changer in dental care. Their high-resolution images reveal hidden problems like cavities, tooth decay, bone loss and even impacted teeth, which may not be visible during a regular dental exam. With this valuable information, our dentist and team can tailor treatment plans that are perfectly suited to your unique needs.

The Process

The best part about digital X-rays? They are quick, comfortable and safe. Thanks to advanced technology, radiation exposure is significantly lower than traditional X-rays, ensuring your well-being while exploring the hidden corners of your mouth.

A View into Your Oral Health

During your dental visit, we will use digital X-rays as a powerful tool to get an in-depth look at your oral health. You will be amazed at the level of detail these X-rays provide, giving both you and our team a comprehensive view of what is happening beneath the surface of your smile.

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