If minor imperfections like irregular shaped or slightly overlapping teeth have you shying away from flashing your smile, cosmetic contouring may be the answer you have been seeking. This quick and simple procedure allows you to achieve a balanced, harmonious smile that radiates self-assurance.

What is Cosmetic Contouring?

Cosmetic contouring, also known as tooth reshaping or dental contouring, is a cosmetic dental procedure that slightly alters the shape, length or surface of your teeth. Using precision dental instruments, Dr. Safina LeClair gently removes small amounts of tooth enamel to achieve a more desirable shape or eliminate minor imperfections.

The Contouring Process

The experience starts as soon as you step into our warm and welcoming dental office. Our dentist will assess the current state of your teeth and discuss your aesthetic goals with you. After taking any necessary X-Rays, a plan is laid out. The contouring itself involves carefully removing a tiny amount of enamel to reshape your teeth, followed by smoothing and polishing to perfect the look.

Benefits of Cosmetic Contouring

Cosmetic contouring comes with a multitude of benefits. It is a minimally invasive procedure that provides instant results, often in just one visit. It is also relatively painless, usually requiring no anesthesia. Furthermore, contouring can improve oral hygiene by removing overlaps or crevices where plaque can accumulate.

Caring for Your Contoured Teeth

Maintaining your newly contoured teeth is as simple as sticking to a robust oral hygiene routine —regular brushing, flossing and dental checkups are key. Because only a small amount of enamel is removed, the long-term health of your teeth remains largely unaffected.

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