Oral surgery encompasses a range of procedures designed to address complex dental issues that extend beyond routine care. From tooth extraction to corrective jaw surgery, these interventions are essential for restoring and preserving your oral health.

Our treatments include:

When Oral Surgery is Necessary

Oral surgery becomes necessary for various reasons. It may be required to remove impacted wisdom teeth, treat severe gum disease or address structural abnormalities in the jaw. Regardless of the reason, our team at Audubon Dental is equipped to provide expert care during these procedures.

Professional Expertise

Our experienced dentist and team possess a wealth of knowledge and skill to perform these delicate procedures with precision and care. We prioritize your comfort and well-being throughout every step of the process.

Your Path to Dental Health

Oral surgery can be a transformative step in your dental health journey. Whether you require a simple extraction or a more complex procedure, we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality of care to help you achieve and maintain optimal oral health.

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