Socket preservation is a critical dental procedure that helps maintain the integrity and strength of the jawbone after a tooth extraction. When a tooth is removed, the bone that supported it may start to deteriorate. Socket preservation is designed to prevent this bone loss.

The Importance of Socket Preservation

Preserving the socket after a tooth extraction is essential for various reasons. It lays the groundwork for future dental treatments, such as dental implants, ensuring a stable foundation for their success. Without socket preservation, the bone may degrade, leading to complications and a less predictable outcome.

The Socket Preservation Process

During a socket preservation procedure, our dentist and team carefully cleans the extraction site and fills it with a bone graft material. This graft material provides the bone with the necessary support for regeneration and prevents the surrounding tissues from collapsing into the empty socket.

Investing in Your Dental Health

Socket preservation is an investment in your dental health and future smile. It ensures that you have the option for tooth replacement procedures that rely on a strong and healthy jawbone.

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