When you visit Audubon Dental, our dentist may use state-of-the-art iTero scanning technology to view your mouth and capture impressions. With this technology, Dr. Safina LeClair can give you the comfortable, convenient and high-quality care you deserve.

What Are Digital Impressions?

Imagine getting a super detailed picture of the inside of your mouth, just like a photograph, but in 3D! That is what digital impressions are all about. Instead of using those gooey molds that might make you feel uncomfortable, we use a special iTero scanning technology to take incredibly clear pictures of your teeth and everything around them. These images help our dentist and team see what’s going on in your mouth and figure out the best ways to keep your smile healthy.

How iTero Scanning Works

The iTero scanning process involves the utilization of a handheld wand equipped with optical and laser scanning technology. The wand is meticulously maneuvered throughout the patient’s oral cavity, emitting a safe laser light that captures intricate details of the teeth and soft tissues. These captured images are instantly processed and compiled into a coherent digital model, resulting in a precise representation of the patient’s oral structure. The process is efficient, comfortable and provides immediate results.

Benefits of Digital Impressions

There are many benefits to iTero dental impressions, including:

  • Increased patient comfort – no conventional impression materials are needed – no goop, mess or uncomfortable molds are used!
  • A quicker impression process – digital images are captured, transmitted and saved instantaneously, saving you time.
  • Unparalleled accuracy – the high-resolution images captured by the iTero scanner enable our dentist and team to view intricate details that traditional impression methods might miss.
  • Streamlined workflow – Our dentist and team can easily share the captured images if needed, enabling easier collaboration in treatment planning and the design of restorations if needed.
  • Simulating treatment outcomes – iTero technology can provide a virtual simulation of your potential treatment outcome, giving you a better understanding of what is happening and how your treatment will benefit your oral health and smile.

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